DLD quotes, day 2

I’ll start with the bad one:

Internet is an unfinished business” (and they want to finish it or something).
Tariq Krim, founder and CEO of Netvibes

Fun and true:

The only content that should pe paid for should be porn, or maybe just weird porn. Internet content should be free
Arianna Huffington, The Huffington Post

And last but not least

Moderator asks – is your exit strategy to sell craigslist for 1 billion dollars and retire?
My personal exit strategy is basically death
Craig Newmark, founder and customer service rep of craigslist.com

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Quick DLD stats

- 20% wear suites (more than I thought)
- just roughly 20 laptops open (way less than I thought)
- half the laptops are open on wordpress admin, the other half on gmail… that’s kewl

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Bloggers meeting in munich

Yesterday evening I’ve been at a bloggers meeting and I have to say it was cool, although 90% of the people were sprechen deutche. I’ve met a couple of local bloggers, plus Nic Fulton, the man behind Reuter’s blog and not only (his job is “chief scientist”), plus some guys doing vblogs (kind of professionally I have to say) and implementing new media strategy for clients as an agency.
Goog guys, good beer, great evening.

Blogging is still in its early stage in Germany so it was interesting to understand the local phenomenon.

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Quote of the conference (up to now)

Comes from Nicholas Negroponte, the guy behind the one laptop per child (aka the 100$ laptop), or how he told us someone described him – ‘the good bin laden’:

There’s not gonna be peace in the world as long as there is poverty; the only way to eliminate poverty is with education

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The future…

…with Caterina Fake of Flickr and Niklas Zennström of Kazaa/Skype/Joost. And it’s really interesting.

One of the trends people agree here is the geo-located services and the integration of devices (for example – phones can locate you through GPS or triangulation and they can communicate the location to the computer as well).

The third speaker is vicepresident with Lufthansa (coincidentally one of the sponsors of DLD) and – guess what? – nothing interesting, but an expression that I have never heard of before, and that he anyway felt the need to explain – whisper marketing. Yeap, that stands for word of mouth marketing.

Oddly enough – I’m sitting in the main room that has maximum 200 seats (again, 1800 registered participants), with people sitting also in some other conference rooms where they see the speakers live.

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Free wireless on, battery power going down

Just found a sit and the first conference is about to get started – and, yes, obviously, there’s free wi-fi here.

Already met a couple of very interesting people during the museum tour – but I wasn’t expecting as many as 1800 people to attend the conference…

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Just got in Munich for the DLD Conference

I arrived in Munchen for the DLD Conference and I have already checked in with a cute and surprising hotel, that managed to combine the pluses and minuses to offer a positive experience.

It’s the most happy-painted hotel I’ve ever been in, the first to have wireless Internet in the lobby PLUS rooms and FREE. It’s the smallest hotel room I have ever seen as well (you enter directly a 3/4 meters room, with a gliding door that reveals a 1/2 meters bathroom). But did I mention it has free wi-fi? Totally worth the 39 eur/night, breakfast included. BTW, it’s like really downtown.
Now I’m heading for the pre-conference networking gig – visiting the Deutche Museum with a bunch of co-participants.

Hope I’ll have wireless at the conference as well.

Here’s some pictures I already uploaded on Flickr: the hotel, the keychain.

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Jeremy Wright event – live blogging

I am live blogging the event in english on my romanian blog.

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Jeremy Wright is coming to Romania

Jeremy Wright is coming to Romania for an event dedicated to blogging, that will happen on July the 3rd.

I am involved in the event both in organising (with Kinecto – the agency) and media exposure (with Gnomedia – the blog network).

It’s gonna be cool to meet Jeremy – and will probably be pretty interactive (conversation rather than presentation).

We’ve launched a local blog dedicated to the event (in Romanian).

Also – here’s Jeremy’s post about coming to Romania.

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So I’m starting my English blog

When I started blogging, I decided to do it in Romanian so as to be communicating more with people with whom I speak the same language. And it was a good decision.

But I also felt the need every now and then to have an english one, partly to have an about me thingie for foreign people I meet or talk to, partly to have a URL for when I post comments on English blogs so I wouldn’t send people to a blog they wouldn’t understand.

I won’t probably update this blog as often as I do with my Romanian one, but I’ll sure use it to comment on things that are beyond borders.

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